Top 4 Methods at 2nd Aeropress Jam in Tokyo 【English Version】

Here is a Top 4 method at super local Aeropress championship in Tokyo.  We used same Ruwanda beans roasted from 7 days.  Also, this Championship is very open.  Some competitor is not professional for coffee industry but all of us really love and fun for coffee.

Champion: Kanji Ino's Method

1:Grind 17g of coffee for just paper filter coffee.

2:Soak and rinse for filter. After that, attach filter and caps for chamber.

3:Put in coffee and pour hot water(sooner after boiling) until No.④.  It takes 13-15sec.

4:Stir for 10sec.

5:Coffee go down around No.③ because Brew from filter by itself.(this method is not upside down)  Therefore, add once more hot water until No.④

6:Press and serve.

This blog have a movie about Kanji's method.

2nd Place: Kenji Kojima's Method

1:Grind 17g coffee slightly finer than paper dripping.

2:Soak Filter and do Aeropress upside down.

3:put in coffee and pour hot water slowly.  Hot water temperature is 90℃.

4:Stir 7 times quickly.

5:Turn and press gently.

3rd Place : Toshiaki Ishii's Method

1:Grind 20g coffee slightly finer than press. 

2:Rinse filter.

3:Aeropress upside down.

4:Then, put in coffee and pour 2dl hot water.  Temperature is 88-89℃.

3:After 1min, stir 7-8sec.

4:Turn and Press use 20sec.  This method takes 2min for all.

4th Place : Nozomi Fushuku's Method

1:Grind 17g coffee for just press.

2:Rinse filter.  Also, Aeropress upside down.

3:Put in coffee.  Then, pour hot water 70-80ml.  Temperature is 89℃.

4:Wait 20sec.

5:Add 130ml hot water.

6:Put Cap and filter.  Then press away air in chamber.

7:Wait 30sec.

8:Turn and press.  It takes 20sec.

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